About Us

Our mission is to empower developers to give their products a better understanding of the world.
We're making a long-term bet

The technology of the future will rely more heavily on information about its environment to better understand and cater to our needs.
Here's why we think we're right
We rely more heavily on devices than ever before.

AI is moving us toward a world in which we rely on technology for all sorts of tasks, from notifying us when our laundry is done to self-driving and performing complex medical operations. As technology takes on more of these traditionally human roles, it will become increasingly important for it to gain a humanlike understanding of the world around it.
We're moving toward a more data-driven world

We’re already seeing devices collect more data than ever before (cars have proximity sensors, cameras have depth sensors, phones have lidar sensors, etc.), but we lack the tools to interpret all of this data.
Audio is data-rich

There is so much information contained in audio (beyond just speech and music) that our devices cannot understand.
We've seen it before

The touchscreen revolutionized the way we interact with our devices because it had a much better understanding of its environment than the plastic keypad (i.e., a touchscreen could tell the precise location a user taps a screen).
No data left behind

Sound contains so much information that we use every day to help us make decisions, but our devices lack the tools to turn this unstructured data into actionable insights. As the need for context-aware solutions grows, Wav Ai will provide the tools to make use of the ocean of data that has been left behind.